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  • Power Apps Choosing Which Connections To Use Using Power Automate
    Uploading data from Power Apps can be scary on a security standpoint, since the user will need access to the Data Source. Lets use Child Flows to get around this, and use any connection we want.
  • Check Conditions In Power Automate During Run
    Is your IF condition always evaluating to False? Debugging and Testing your Flows should be easy. When using a Condition in Power Automate, in the run we cannot see the expression or the results of what is being evaluated. I will go over a quick workaround to debug and find out what is happening in the condition
  • Where Are My Flows When Building Power Virtual Agents In Teams
    You added a Flow in Power Virtual Agents in Teams, you now want to edit that Flow. Where is it? Come check out the answer!
  • Getting User Details To Use In Power Virtual Agents (Teams)
    Lets use Power Automate inside Power Virtual Agents to get all the users details who is interacting with the bot. We can customize our greetings, or simply use any information that Office365 returns
  • Checking If HTML Table Is Empty In Power Automate
    I needed to check if an HTML table had data or not. Usually when I need to check I have two expressions I like to use: ’empty()’ or ‘length()’.
  • Getting Specific Files And IDs In SharePoint Using Power Automate
    I encountered an issue when trying to filter a a file by filename, that was in a SharePoint document library. When needing to get a specific SharePoint file ID. It can be troublesome to filter the Files. For example Using a ‘Get files’ action we can see that the properties of the file are encased inside {} meaning that SharePoint is using some calculation on the Document Library to create these fields.
  • Converting Time Zones Easily In Power Automate
    Did you know that Power Automate has a Date Time action that can easily convert, and format time zones in one action? Why is this important? Power Automate natively uses UTC as its time zone, as well as most SharePoint sites. Using an action can be easier than using expressions.
  • Power Automate – Limit Runs to Trigger One at a Time
    Controlling when your Flow triggers can be crucial. By default Flows run in Parallel, this means multiple runs could be running at the same time, this is great for performance, but could cause troubles in some Flows.
  • Using Environment Variables as Parameters for Power Automate Deployments (ALM)
    Deploying Power Automate Flows can be a headache if you have to manually change values inside the Flow for each environment. You also run the risk of missing a value.
  • Grabbing Error Message From Failed Run
    When a Flow fails, sometimes we want to capture and send that message out, to a user, support team, or teams channel. In this demo we will go through the steps to capture any error messages from a failed run.

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